Deploy the Full OmniSci Platform

Sub-second SQL queries and interactive visualization of massive datasets, on-premise or in the Cloud.

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Accelerate BI & GIS Applications

Easily connect to the OmniSci SQL engine to dramatically speed up your existing tools, such as Tableau and Esri.

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Develop Custom Applications

Develop your own GPU-accelerated analytics apps, leveraging the OmniSci open source and enterprise engines.

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Join Us at OmniSci Converge

Converge is the first industry conference that specifically focuses on GPU technologies that are revolutionizing data analytics, data visualization and data science.

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Omnisci Converge

Discover how GPU-accelerated analytics
transforms decision-making.

OmniSci for Telecommunications

Only OmniSci delivers real-time big data analytics for telecom companies to maintain healthy network operations and customer service levels across operations that generate billions of network logs and call detail reports every day.

Limitless Telco Analytics

Instant Network Anomaly Detection

Real-time Spatiotemporal Insights

Granular Mobile Network Visualization

OmniSci for Automotive

Vehicles are more than transportation: they’re now smart mobile devices generating volumes of telematics data. Automotive revenue streams are shifting and the key to unlocking real value from big data in the automotive industry is GPU-accelerated analytics from OmniSci.

The New Era of Analytics

Interact with Telematics Big Data

Immediate Visual Exploration

Real-time Spatiotemporal Insights

OmniSci for Federal

OmniSci transforms data analytics in the Federal Government through large-scale and interactive geospatial analytics. From layering geospatial intelligence data, to predictive modeling of disease spread, to optimizing global logistics operations, OmniSci is mission ready for real-time visualization and analysis of billion row datasets.

Mission Ready Insights

Interactive Geospatial Intelligence

Real-time Situational Awareness

Intuitive Dashboard

OmniSci for Investment Management

OmniSci gives Investment Management firms the ability to instantly find insights amidst billions of financial transactions, usage logs, sensor streams, and social media posts, enabling visual interaction at scale and high velocity business decisions.

Competitive Analytic Insights

Risk Analysis Visualizations

Smarter Investment Analysis

Real-time Inflection Detection

OmniSci for Oil and Gas

OmniSci visual analytics help upstream, midstream and downstream decision makers in the oil and gas industry slice through the largest spatial datasets, to accelerate geospatial, data science for better oil and gas data analytics.

Visualize Query Results Instantly

Real-time Spatiotemporal Insights

Accelerate IoT ML Data Modeling

Interact with Telematics Big Data

Interactive Real-Time Analytics

OmniSci wants everyone to be curious about data and easily explore hypotheses – to ask question upon question, without curiosity-defeating latency. We designed a GPU-accelerated analytics platform that returns instant big data query results and interactive visualizations - so that users can feel at one with their data.

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Interactive Real-Time Analytics
Interactive Real-Time Analytics

Conventional and Geo Data

OmniSci bridges the divide between traditional business intelligence tools (BI) and geographic information systems (GIS), making location intelligence a first-class citizen of big data analytics. Analysts are now unbounded in the volumes of geospatial data they can analyze, while business analysts can access new location-insights.

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The more you know about telematics, the more you'll profit

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