Rebecca Kao,

Join The GPU-Fueled Analytics Revolution at GTC

Our CEO, Todd Mostak, recently completed a European roadshow with Jim McHugh, NVIDIA Vice President and General Manager of AI Systems. They traveled to Munich, London and Paris to talk about the GPU-accelerated analytics ecosystem. It was a preview of what to expect at the GPU Technology Conference in Silicon Valley, March 26-29, 2018.

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Todd Mostak,

From Video Games to Game-Changer for Data Insights

I asked the audience a pressing question at the Quandl Alternative Data Conference last week: "How many of you know you can do more with GPUs than just play Doom or Quake?" The crowd laughed as they raised their hands. The word is getting out. GPUs aren't just for video games anymore. They've already revolutionized AI. Now they're transforming analytics.

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