Eric Grant
Feb 25, 2019

The OmniSci Community Has Upgraded to a New Platform

One of the reasons I joined OmniSci is because of its investment in a strong Community. I love our commitment to open source software, and our desire to help anyone leverage the raw power of GPU-powered analytics. Over the last year, I’ve watched new members arrive, adopt, embrace and contribute. We welcome and appreciate them all, and are excited to introduce a new online platform to support this growing OmniSci Community.

How does OmniSci support its Community?

The OmniSci Community Team manages three areas:

  • Participation in conferences, hackathons, and other public events;
  • Promotion of open source code and standards; and
  • Online engagement tools.

Our main tools for supporting community members have, until this point, been:

These tools are great for Community members to learn, receive technical support, and report bugs. However, as our Community grows, it is time for our platform to evolve, too. We want to provide more ways for Community members to participate and interact with one another, and our online engagement tools to better integrate with events and open source projects.

What’s new in the OmniSci Community?

We are excited to introduce a new online Community platform built on Higher Logic.

Community home page

More functionality and more ways to connect with each other in the new Community platform

The new Community platform improves on existing features, and also includes lots of new ones. You will still find helpful forums, with the same topics and discussions, a resource library that links to all of the OmniSci technical blog posts, and direct links to our GitHub repositories and Docs. Most importantly, the new platform allows for better recognition of Community member contributions. The participation of our members is why our Community is so strong, and we want to shine a spotlight on the folks who share their voices.

Curated content pages allow members to compile information that they find useful

As the Community grows, we will continue to turn on more features as they make sense—this is a tool that can grow with us. For example, if we get an uptick in open source contributions, we can use it to prioritize feature requests. If there’s a demand for local user groups, we can create private spaces based on geography. The possibilities are exciting!

See what events are coming up, and join the discussion

Whether you’re an early adopter or new to the party, we invite you to join the growing OmniSci Community. We hope that you will appreciate it as much as we appreciate you.

Join the OmniSci Community

I’d like to thank the employees and Community members who contributed to the evaluation and design of our new platform, and appreciate the fine folks at Discourse for providing an excellent platform during our early years.

About the Author

Eric Grant manages Community programs for OmniSci. He enjoys participatory technology, information architecture, and long walks on the beaches of data lakes with users.