Vehicles are more than transportation: they’re now smart mobile devices generating volumes of telematics data. Automotive revenue streams are shifting and the key to unlocking real value from big data in the automotive industry is accelerated analytics with OmniSci.

  • Connected cars generate 300TB of data per car, per year
  • By 2020, connected car services will account for over US $40bn in annual revenue
  • By 2030, half the world’s vehicles will be covered by telematics-based insurance policies

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Accelerated Analytics for Vehicle Telematics Data: Drive speed-of-thought analytical experience across billions of records


Optimize Fleet Performance Annually or Visualize Single Vehicle Telemetry Data in Milliseconds

OmniSci provides an accelerated analytics platform for vehicle telematics. Automobile engineers, fleet managers, logistics leaders and usage-based insurance carriers can all derive insights to transform their businesses and harmonize their respective partner and customer ecosystems.

  • Derive spatio-temporal insights from customer behavior and discover relationships between destinations, driving habits, and infotainment preferences.
  • Manage the fleet through real-time route optimization, adjust for fuel efficiency, and increase uptime through predictive maintenance
  • Optimize the efficiency of logistical operations, shipping and supply chains with real-time spatiotemporal insight
  • Adjust insurance pricing models based upon usage and risk analysis

In this demo, see how BMW and other top automobile manufacturers can ingest huge volumes of streaming telematics data coming from vehicles and apply machine learning models for descriptive driver behavior and patterns.


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How it works

The OmniSci SQL engine rapidly executes queries and enables rendering and visualization of spatiotemporal and vehicle telematics data for interactive, zero-latency exploration and insights.

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