Vehicles are more than transportation: they’re now smart mobile devices generating volumes of telematics data. Automotive revenue streams are shifting and the key to unlocking real value from big data in the automotive industry is GPU-accelerated analytics with OmniSci.

  • Connected cars generate 300TB of data per car, per year
  • By 2020, connected car services will account for over US $40bn in annual revenue
  • By 2030, half the world’s vehicles will be covered by telematics-based insurance policies

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GPU-accelerated analytics for Vehicle Telematics Data: Drive speed-of-thought analytical experience across billions of records


Optimize Fleet Performance Annually or Visualize Single Vehicle Telemetry Data in Milliseconds

OmniSci provides a GPU-accelerated analytics platform for vehicle telematics. Automobile engineers, fleet managers, logistics leaders and usage-based insurance carriers can all derive insights to transform their businesses and harmonize their respective partner and customer ecosystems.

  • Derive spatio-temporal insights from customer behavior and discover relationships between destinations, driving habits, and infotainment preferences.
  • Manage the fleet through real-time route optimization, adjust for fuel efficiency, and increase uptime through predictive maintenance
  • Optimize the efficiency of logistical operations, shipping and supply chains with real-time spatiotemporal insight
  • Adjust insurance pricing models based upon usage and risk analysis

Automotive Use Cases



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