Investment Management

OmniSci gives Investment Management firms the ability to instantly find insights amidst billions of financial transactions, usage logs, sensor streams, and social media posts, enabling visual interaction at scale and high velocity business decisions.

  • Data and reporting regulations will cost financial institutions up to $200m each
  • 85% of firms believe the risk function is critical to profitability, yet only 35% have analytics capabilities to address it
  • Machine Learning will lead to $43 billion in annual cost savings and new revenue in the financial sector by 2025

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How OmniSci Delivers a Real-time Competitive Edge in Big Data Analytics in Investment Management


Thwart Banking Fraud, Prevent Losses

The Challenge

Fraud prevention is woven into the fabric of daily banking operations, but only observed patterns trigger Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) or other fraud mitigation actions. Mainstream analytics tools cannot show an integrated view of banking operations with enough speed or detail to detect all the patterns that fraudsters try so hard to hide.

OmniSci Solution

OmniSci gives fraud analysts immersive dashboards to cross-filter dozens of attributes like large dollar deposits, unusual account opens, or suspicious wire transfers. Risk analysis teams can visually explore multi-billion row datasets in milliseconds and spot hidden pockets of fraud risk that they can address directly or use to train ML algorithms to automatically spot similar patterns in the future.

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Deliver Financial Models More Quickly

The Challenge

Artificial intelligence can outperform traditional techniques for predicting market movements, but greater AI adoption has a cost. Without interactive, visual ways to do feature engineering, data scientists spend too much time manually exploring hundreds of market variables, searching for the most predictive features to train their models and delaying the date when that model goes into production.

OmniSci Solution

The OmniSci platform gives data scientists at hedge funds and Investment Management firms a far faster method to generate their AI models resulting in smarter investment analysis. When visual exploration of billion-row data sets becomes 100x faster than before, asset managers and brokers can capture more opportunities, avoid more risks, and create a compounding competitive advantage through predictive analytics in Investment Management.

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Accelerating Financial Analytics

The Challenge

Second Measure built its business analyzing credit card transactions at a volume that amounted to about 1% of all U.S. consumer spending. The company aimed to provide those Investment Management analytics to financial analysts and equities researchers seeking insight into public and private companies. Second Measure wanted to accelerate performance to provide a better experience to its time-conscious clients.

OmniSci Solution

Second Measure uses OmniSci to accelerate its queries that analyze each transaction from each customer for a given company. Now it delivers business and financial market analytics so fast that its clients can: spot inflections in businesses as they happen, identify every week's fastest-growing companies, and see the latest company performance before it's announced.

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Rapid Response to Cyber Incidents

The Challenge

Unauthorized intruders infiltrate systems of national governments and global corporations by hiding their tracks across identities, devices and behavior. Teams in Security Operations Centers (SOCs) receive countless incident alerts, the majority of which are false alarms.. When an actual attack has occurred, slow analytics across fragmented data make it impossible for security teams to identify and patch vulnerabilities before more data is compromised.

OmniSci Solution

OmniSci's zero-latency visual Investment Management data analytics don't require pre-aggregation., That speed gives financial security analysts immediate insight. They can perform hundreds of queries in quick succession, without losing access to any granular information. SOC teams can investigate far more cyber alerts every day, and when they do find a vulnerability they have the data they need to apply the right patch quickly, maintaining an ongoing patch cadence that deters future attacks.

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