OmniSci empowers logistics decision-makers with real-time visual analytics on spatiotemporal data streams. Through an immersive logistics analytics dashboard, transportation and shipping companies can optimize routing, identify bottlenecks, and mitigate maintenance risks.

  • 98% of logistics providers believe data-driven decision-making is crucial to supply chain activities
  • 71% of shippers believe real-time analytics is critical to operations
  • Last-mile delivery challenges account for 30% of delivery costs

Vehicle telematics data analytics validates your logic—instantly. 

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“It was really valuable insights and information to work with some of the people leading recovery efforts [for 2018 Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico] and trying to understand what was going on on the ground.”

David Bairstow
VP of Product, Skyhook Wireless

Big Data in Military - Logistics and Readiness for Military Operations

The Challenge

Logistics is the single greatest determinant of operational readiness. DoD and DHS continually plan and execute port activities, establish distribution networks, and initiate military operations. Yet these operations are often performed in legacy, stove-pipe systems that don’t provide a true view of situational awareness. Because of these stovepipes, analysis is inefficient without trends to optimize placement of resources, and they are ineffective without predictive analytics to prevent equipment, and mission, failure.

OmniSci Solution

OmniSci gives leaders the ability to exploit and analyze global logistics operations data through rapid crossfiltering of large and disparate datasets. This provides tactical decision making to guide troops and supplies, optimize networks, assess infrastructure, predict maintenance needs, and meet strict timelines. These logistics analytics are layered over geographic datasets, to support real-time big data analytics forlogistics operations regardless of the mission.

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OmniSci Demo

See how OmniSci lets users interactively explore a massive shipping dataset

Predict Machine Failure with IoT Data

The Challenge

Artificial intelligence is increasingly used to predict machine failure, to minimize downtime and maintenance costs for automobiles, ships or aircraft. Yet engineers have trouble explaining an AI model’s black-box recommendations, so leaders fall back on human experience and "gut" guesses in favor of predictive analytics in logistics industry to keep field equipment running as intended.

OmniSci Solution

OmniSci visual analytics makes AI models more accessible to the scientists who create them and to the broader audiences of logistics leaders, military commanders or regulators who must understand those models. With immediate visual exploration of the same underlying elements that trained AI models, anyone can trust their predictions.

GTC Presentation

Volkswagen Uses OmniSci to Visualize and Interrogate Black Box AI Models


Blending Man And Machine To Get The Most From AI

IoT Agenda

Five ways IoT is transforming the manufacturing industry

Location and Mobile Services

The Challenge

Location-based metadata can create a wealth of new business opportunity. Yet this stream of data scales too quickly for developers who want to create apps showing relationships between the location of people and equipment to other operational data. Existing analytic engines cannot keep up with the scale and speed of today’s operational data.

OmniSci Solution

The OmniSci Core SQL engine was designed for this new era of location intelligence. It can process billions of rows of structured data in milliseconds and visually render those with the same speed. This dramatically accelerates logistics analytics, marrying vital business datasets to mobile location metadata. OmniSci Core is open-source, in-house or third-party developers can easily create new apps to deliver analytic apps for exploring layers of operational location and logistics data.

OmniSci Customer Case Study

How Skyhook uses OmniSci for location intelligence and insights


Using GPU-Accelerated Analytics to Deliver Competitive Insights in Telecommunications

OmniSci Video

OmniSci overcomes the data challenges of speed, scale, and real-time interaction, to provide telecommunication carriers instant insights from datasets too big or too fast for traditional analytics platforms.