Media and Advertising

OmniSci gives media planners, user acquisition managers, and advertising data analysts the ability to rapidly understand and visualize the effectiveness and value of ads and ad spend. Now they can dig deep into billions of rows of clickstream data as fast as their curiosity allows.

  • Over 400 billion ad tech transactions are processed daily, compared to 6 billion on the NYSE
  • 61% of marketing data analysts struggle to analyze their data
  • Loss from ad fraud exceeds $16 billion annually

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“Getting OmniSci up and running, in a large environment like Verizon, was one of the better experiences  that I’ve had in deploying a tool…” 

Sr. Manager, Major Telco Provider

Transform Advertising Campaign Performance

The Challenge

Businesses cannot adjust digital ad campaigns quickly enough using mainstream advertising analytics software. The mix between channel, target audience, product, or ad copy is constantly shifting. Media buyers must visualize those relationships to optimize their ad dollars as a campaign progresses, but standard ad reporting tools are too slow and too static.

OmniSci Solution

OmniSci gives you the power to query and visually explore large ad performance datasets at extreme speed. With OmniSci’s advertising analytics tools you can find hidden insights quickly enough to improve results. Mobile gaming companies and media buying agencies have turned to OmniSci to achieve a new level of ROA with our advanced media analytics software.

OmniSci Customer Case Study

How Simulmedia visualizes and analyzes the impact of TV ad spend in milliseconds

OmniSci Customer Video

Simulmedia's adoption of OmniSci for advertising analytics on campaign performance

OmniSci Demo

See how OmniSci is used for analytics on a large digital advertising dataset

Rapid Response to Cyber Incidents

The Challenge

Unauthorized intruders infiltrate systems of national governments and global corporations by hiding their tracks across identities, devices and behavior. Teams in Security Operations Centers (SOCs) receive countless incident alerts, the majority of which are false alarms.. When an actual attack has occurred, slow analytics across fragmented data make it impossible for security teams to identify and patch vulnerabilities before more data is compromised.

OmniSci Solution

OmniSci's zero-latency visual Investment Management data analytics don't require pre-aggregation., That speed gives financial security analysts immediate insight. They can perform hundreds of queries in quick succession, without losing access to any granular information. SOC teams can investigate far more cyber alerts every day, and when they do find a vulnerability they have the data they need to apply the right patch quickly, maintaining an ongoing patch cadence that deters future attacks.

Watch OmniSci Demo

See how OmniSci Immerse interactively explores your Google Analytics data

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