Mobility as a Service

Ride-hailing and ride-sharing services are replacing privately-owned automobiles as Mobility as a Service (MaaS) leads a new economy fueled not by vehicle manufacturing, but by vehicle telematics data. Iconic automotive brands and visionary shared mobility start-ups turn to OmniSci to drive new carsharing telematics data use cases and gain competitive insights in the MaaS industry.

  • 21% of Americans claim the availability of shared mobility has allowed them to delay or avoid purchasing a car
  • 63% percent of Americans expect to increase their use of ride-hailing services in the next two years
  • In 2015, 15% of Americans used ride-sharing services; in 2018, that number grew to 43%

How BMW Visualizes & Interacts with Extreme Datasets with Near Zero Latency

NVIDIA GTC 2019 Presentation

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