OmniSci allows data scientists to analyze the massive volumes of oil and gas industry datasets being generated and stored in the well planning, drilling, and production processes. Visualize, cross-filter, and interact with your massive oil & gas datasets with transformative efficiency.

  • A leading US oil group doubles its volume of data every 12-18 months
  • Sophisticated trend analysis, pattern recognition and cross functional data integration is required to stay competitive
  • Advanced big data analytics for oil and gas can yield 30-50X investment within a few months of implementation

Drill Into Big Data in Oil and Gas Industry for Better Results

OmniSci’s analytics platform benefits data management in oil and gas industry by enabling data scientists to analyze the oil and gas industry data in large volumes.

  • Improve yields by rapidly analyzing massive volumes of reservoir properties, interpreted well and mud logs, and production data for impressive predictive analytic results
  • Reduce costs by visualizing maps and analyzing geological constraints coupled with drilling and completion data for better well planning and maximizing hydrocarbon recovery
  • Monitor operational, fleet and vendor activity in real-time to ensure quality, consistency, and human and automate environmental safety (HSE) assessments

“OmniSci… was the world’s first to create basically a database engine on top of GPUs… it’s just completely amazing, to be able to access databases so large completely in-memory and be able to interact with it, create graphs out of it, query it with AI, visualize it, all in real time. Completely revolutionary stuff.”

Jensen Huang

“[OmniSci] taps the power of the modern graphics processing unit (GPU), and the results can be hundreds or thousands of times faster than conventional database queries.”


Big Data Analytics for Oil and Gas Industry

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How Big Data Analytics for Oil and Gas Industry Works

The OmniSci SQL engine rapidly executes queries and enables rendering and visualization of billions of oil and gas data points and geo shapes for interactive, zero-latency geospatial and oil & gas analytics.

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