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Information Dominance of the Battlespace – Accelerated Analytics for GEOINT

Mission ready for real-time data analytics

OmniSci transforms data analytics in the federal government with new opportunities for operational and geospatial analytics, data science, and big data exploration, all with speed-of-operation response times.

  • Optimize global logistics operations and identify trends for general readiness or emergency management
  • Leverage sensor and IoT data for battlespace awareness
  • Perform predictive maintenance
  • Layer location intelligence for situational awareness to obtain information dominance

“The ability to interact with and visualize billions of data elements in real-time is a transformative capability for our national security partners.”

George Hoyem
Managing Partner, Investments

Public Sector

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How it works

The OmniSci SQL engine rapidly executes queries and enables rendering and visualization of spatiotemporal and other data types for interactive, zero-latency geospatial exploration of logistics supply chains, weather data, asset and personnel movements, and location intelligence.

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