Public Sector

OmniSci gives government agencies the fastest data analytics for decisions when every second matters. From large-scale interactive location analytics, to intuitive data visualization, OmniSci is mission ready to perform real-time analysis and AI on billions of rows of government data.

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Information Dominance of the Battlespace – GPU-accelerated Analytics for GEOINT


“The ability to interact with and visualize billions of data elements in real-time is a transformative capability for our national security partners.”

George Hoyem
Managing Partner, Investments

Information Dominance in the Battlespace

The Challenge

Battlespace awareness is critical to shortening decision cycles and to making better decisions than one’s adversaries. Government intelligence teams must rapidly sense, collect, process, analyze, evaluate, and exploit streaming data. Today’s information-intensive operating environments overwhelm mainstream geospatial tools, slowing time to analysis and intelligence cycles during mission-critical moments.

OmniSci Solution

OmniSci is the extreme analytics platform that enables intelligence analysts and commanders to query, visualize, and interact with big geolocation datasets with zero perceptible latency. This gives intelligence analysts visual exploration at the speed of thought, through an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard, powered by the most advanced analytics engine on the market. Dominate your information environment by speeding your time to insight and decision-making.

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How OmniSci can be used to help the US Navy achieve information dominance

Read OmniSci Solution Brief

How OmniSci can be used to help the US Army achieve information dominance

Read OmniSci Solution Brief

How OmniSci can be used to help the US Air Force achieve information dominance

Actionable Intelligence and Analysis

The Challenge

Today’s information environment poses a unique challenge to the warfighter. An avalanche of intelligence collect, across every discipline, contains actionable data intelligence critical to mission success. Yet traditional analytics tools are too slow, bulky, and costly to glean these insights, or to quickly and accurately visualize it all For real-time situational awareness.

OmniSci Solution

Only OmniSci provides the SQL engine capable of exploiting this trove of data collected, and visualizing it all at the speed of thought. OmniSci gives public sector analysts and leaders an interactive dashboard capable of ingesting and visualizing vast amounts of data from multiple sources. They can toggle layers of data across a single geochart, to derive actionable intelligence and insights for mission success.


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Big Data in Military - Logistics and Readiness for Military Operations

The Challenge

Logistics is the single greatest determinant of operational readiness. DoD and DHS continually plan and execute port activities, establish distribution networks, and initiate military operations. Yet these operations are often performed in legacy, stove-pipe systems that don’t provide a true view of situational awareness. Because of these stovepipes, analysis is inefficient without trends to optimize placement of resources, and they are ineffective without predictive analytics to prevent equipment, and mission, failure.

OmniSci Solution

OmniSci gives leaders the ability to exploit and analyze global logistics operations data through rapid crossfiltering of large and disparate datasets. This provides tactical decision making to guide troops and supplies, optimize networks, assess infrastructure, predict maintenance needs, and meet strict timelines. These logistics analytics are layered over geographic datasets, to support real-time big data analytics forlogistics operations regardless of the mission.

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OmniSci Demo

See how OmniSci lets users interactively explore a massive shipping dataset

Study Changes to Terrain

The Challenge

Those who plan public infrastructure or environmental policy study how weather affects a place over time. The US Military needs to understand how hills, roads, and rivers will impact troop movements. Legacy BI and GIS solutions may draw maps for those scenarios, but they were designed before geolocation data was Big. They can’t cross-filter geo charts with time-series data at scale.

OmniSci Solution

The OmniSci platform is a new type of “time machine” for researchers and planners who need to display data on a map, with the ability to quickly filter by different time periods. With OmniSci, researchers can quickly see how decades of floods, wildfires, or wars have moved across the land and affected a place of interest.


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Big Data and Urban Planning /Development

The Challenge

As the world’s population continues to grow and more people move to megacities, urban planners face the strain of accommodating more residents in the same urban area. This is arguably the most critical issue facing governments, as growing populations increase strain on utilities, energy, transportation, housing and health resources. City planning departments need a new form of location intelligence to meet this challenge.

OmniSci Solution

Only the OmniSci platform gives city leaders the ability to query and visualize their large geospatial datasets at the speed and scale necessary to keep pace with urbanization. OmniSci provides the ability to ingest massive location datasets from disparate sources, and cross-filter that to see how crime, public health, homelessness and education outcomes vary by location.

OmniSci Customer Case Study

How Pactriglo uses OmniSci to become L.A.'s real estate treasure map

OmniSci Customer Video

See how Pactriglo provides geospatial visualization for urban mapping

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