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Power Real-time Telco Network Operations with Accelerated Analytics

Immerse yourself in your Telco data

OmniSci shows you all of your data, billions of records, right now, on an intuitive dashboard enabling superior analytics for telecom industry analysts. Layer it to see relationships. Cross-filter it for rich insights. Interact with all of your data, from all sources, and discover new ways to delight customers and optimize network operations.

  • Understand historic patterns of customer churn to build predictive Machine Learning models
  • Rapidly spot network anomalies for field service and preventative maintenance
  • Improve customer experience through geospatial analysis of signal strength
NVIDIA Showcases the Power of OmniSci at GTC

We want to accelerate data scientists work, by giving them the instrument of their science, so they can accomplish their life's work as quickly as possible.

- Jensen Huang CEO, NVIDIA


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How it works

The OmniSci SQL engine rapidly executes queries and enables rendering and visualization of spatiotemporal and signals data for interactive, zero-latency exploration and insights across service area maps, charts and graphs.

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