Smart sensors, smart meters, and IoT technologies now generate unprecedented volumes of data. OmniSci rapidly processes this utility data and allows users to visualize and interact with all of it at once, to maximize uptime, minimize costs, and keep customers happy.

  • One household smart meter can generate up to 400mb per year
  • There are 135 million smart meters in the US
  • There will be an estimated 7 trillion connected sensors by 2025

Keep up with mountains of data in real time

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The real-time solution for real-time utility analytics

OmniSci provides real-time interactivity at scale for utility providers, all on an intuitive, customizable dashboard. Monitor asset performance in real-time, track resource use, and cross-filter by time of day or week. Drill into hundreds of millions of smart meter and smart sensor data points for unparalleled insights and cost savings.

  • Avoid expensive spot market pricing through real-time energy demand forecasting
  • Reduce fraud and leakage through real-time insights on consumptions patterns and anomalies
  • Ensure assets are operating at peak efficiency, reduce the risk of failure and downtime through preventative maintenance using predictive analytics for utilities.

Utilities Use Cases

Smart Meter Data Analysis
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Analyze and Balance the Electrical Grid
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Fleet Management for Utilities
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Vegetation Management for Utilities
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Driver Behavior Data Analysis for Utilities
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Visually Interact with Smart Meter Data at Scale with OmniSci