Smart sensors, smart meters, and IoT technologies now generate unprecedented volumes of data. OmniSci rapidly processes this utility data and allows users to visualize and interact with all of it at once, to maximize uptime, minimize costs, and keep customers happy.

  • One household smart meter can generate up to 400mb per year
  • There are 135 million smart meters in the US
  • There will be an estimated 7 trillion connected sensors by 2025

Use Vehicle Telematics Analytics to monitor fleet health and performance.

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Visually Interact with Smart Meter Data at Scale with OmniSci

Balance the Electrical Grid

The Challenge

Smart meters have given public utilities at least 1,000 times more data on how electricity is generated, distributed and consumed. Yet the volume and speed of that new smart meter data swamps their legacy analytics platforms. Slow, incomplete insight stymies industry innovations like time-of-use pricing and net metering.

OmniSci Solution

Households use different amounts of electricity every hour, and demand fluctuates. Changes to weather, demographics, pricing schedules and many more factors drive the difference between electricity production and consumption. OmniSci helps utilities research past consumption and make operational decision to balance the grid.

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Visually Interact with Smart Meter Data at Scale with OmniSci

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Securing the largest IoT deployments in the world, the smart electric grid

Rapid Response to Cyber Incidents

The Challenge

Unauthorized intruders infiltrate systems of national governments and global corporations by hiding their tracks across identities, devices and behavior. Teams in Security Operations Centers (SOCs) receive countless incident alerts, the majority of which are false alarms.. When an actual attack has occurred, slow analytics across fragmented data make it impossible for security teams to identify and patch vulnerabilities before more data is compromised.

OmniSci Solution

OmniSci's zero-latency visual Investment Management data analytics don't require pre-aggregation., That speed gives financial security analysts immediate insight. They can perform hundreds of queries in quick succession, without losing access to any granular information. SOC teams can investigate far more cyber alerts every day, and when they do find a vulnerability they have the data they need to apply the right patch quickly, maintaining an ongoing patch cadence that deters future attacks.

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