5G Network Infrastructure Optimization

5G - the next generation of mobile connectivity -

Is on its way to consumer markets in the coming years. 5G network infrastructure is expected to completely revolutionize network connectivity. With proper 5G network planning and optimization, telecommunications companies will be able to deliver better customer experiences, solve complex problems, and move their business forward.

5G and big data go hand-in-hand. Experts predict 5G data usage could increase by 10-14 times current figures. This astronomical influx of 5G data creates an incredible opportunity for telco companies to explore real-time 5G insights and leverage 5G data analytics for 5G network optimization that gives your customers fast and consistent network connectivity at all times.

5G Optimization With OmniSci

OmniSci supports a wide array of telecommunications use cases. With the OmniSciDB open source SQL engine, telco analysts can leverage accelerated analytics from 5G big data in their pursuit of optimizing 5G network architecture. See the 5G infographic below to learn more about how OmniSci can help your team uncover real-time insights with big data 5G network infrastructure optimization.

Download Info graphic here: