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As the torrent of big data flows in from more sources, in greater volumes, analysts and data scientists are increasingly frustrated with lack of performance from mainstream analytics tools that were designed in a past era.

OmniSci allows our users to exercise unbounded curiosity when exploring data by harnessing the massive parallelism of modern CPU and GPU hardware.

Whitelabel Accelerated Analytics

Simplify your product build cycles. We allow customers to ingest their own data into the OmniSci platform, rebranding to suite your company’s design with OmniSci doing the leg work in the background. Save money and your engineers time by partnering with OmniSci to expand your offering without the effort and land more clients with our high-adoption, easy-to-use platform.

Boost the Performance of Existing Apps

Take advantage of OmniSci’s GPU-accelerated SQL engine, OmniSciDB, via JavaScript or JDBC drivers. Developers creating data visualization applications with OmniSciDB and OmniSci Render can access open source data visualization libraries like Highcharts, D3, React, and MapBox.

OmniSciDB + 3rd Party Applications

OmniSciDB is able to accelerate a variety of data visualization, BI and GIS tools by executing queries orders of magnitude faster than legacy systems. OmniSci Render can also be used to serve large-scale geo visualizations to third-party tools, enhancing their "at-scale" geospatial capabilities.

“OmniSci is generating revenue for us and huge value for our customers.”

Tom Luke, Vice President, WW Sales and Partnerships

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