OmniSci OEM Startup Accelerator Program

Connecting early stage data-focused companies to the power of the OmniSci accelerated analytics platform

Accelerate time-to-marketing
Potential co-sell opportunities
Focus on your core business

Program Overview

The OmniSci Startup Accelerator Program is intended for data rich companies with crowdsourced, aggregated and vertical-focused data.

Being a part of the OmniSci Startup Accelerator enables startups to harness the power of the OmniSci accelerated analytics and visualization platform to build their own enterprise-grade branded solutions.

The OmniSci Startup Program provides a jumpstart to your company by reducing time-to-market, while allowing for faster product development all backed by OmniSci accelerated analytics technology. We provide you with professional developer support and consulting to speed up product development.

See all benefits below to get the full picture.

Program Benefits

What You Get

Benefits are designed for early stage data-rich startups.


time to market & Speed up your development

Reduce costs

and focus on your core business


new revenue streams through co-selling & market differentiation


developer support & consulting

GTM support

including marketing


commercial terms

Program Process

How It Works

Apply to get started and GTM with OmniSci.


Apply for the OmniSci OEM Startup Accelerator. Tell us about your company and big data use case.


Get onboarded with professional development support & consulting and access to OmniSci accelerated analytics platform.

Go to Market

Go to market with your differentiated OmniSci embedded analytics solution and unleash new revenue streams.

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