OmniSci Enterprise
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For always-on, large scale production workloads, get the full-feature platform

  • Interactive real-time analysis
  • GPU-powered, instant insights
  • In your Data Center or any Cloud

OmniSci Cloud
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Visual analysis of your biggest datasets without having to manage any infrastructure

  • Instant GPU-accelerated analytics
  • Easily scaled to suit your needs
  • Import flat files or stream via API

Open Source

Download and install the OmniSci Core SQL-engine from our packages, or build it for yourself

  • Create custom web applications
  • Access data visualized queries
  • Boost “at-scale” geo capabilities

Select which version is best for you

 Easily see the benefits available to determine what’s best for your organization. If you need help, please reach out to one of our team members here.


Enterprise Cloud Open Source
Multi-GPU SQL-engine check icon check icon check icon
Immerse Visual Analytics check icon check icon
Rendering Engine & API check icon check icon
Charting Libraries check icon check icon check icon
JDBC Connector check icon check icon check icon
ODBC Connector check icon check icon
Object-level permissions check icon check icon
Managed Teams check icon
Multi-Node (distributed) configuration check icon
High Availability check icon
LDAP Authentication check icon
Warranty check icon
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