OmniSci Foundations

Up to 64GB of GPU RAM and 5 concurrent users to enable foundational analytics for real-time insights at your organization.

Foundational Analytics with CPU and GPU Acceleration

Foundations includes OmniSciDB, Render Engine, Immerse Dashboards, and fast interfaces for SQL, python, javascript, JDBC and ODBC. Get started with OmniSci for $2k/month billed annually. We offer Foundations in three deployment environments:

On Premise

Runs in your data center, wherever your data already resides.

Managed Cloud (OminSci-as-a-Service)

Runs on our managed infrastructure. The easiest, most scalable option.

Public Clouds

Runs in any public cloud:

Who else is using OmniSci?

For big data analytics at speed and scale, businesses and governments rely on OmniSci. See the full list of accelerated analytics success stories and use cases for some examples of critical roles OmniSci has played in various industries.
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Specialized OmniSci Editions

For environments that don’t require the full enterprise platform.

Open Source

Download a pre-built version of the open source OmniSciDB SQL engine
  • Fast SQL and python interfaces.
  • Create custom web applications like our TweetMap.
  • Source code available on GitHub.

OmniSci Free

Fast visual analytics for over a billion data points
  • Visual analytics at the speed of curiosity.
  • Run on GPU or CPU servers, in the cloud or on premise.
  • Up to 32GB RAM & 3 concurrent users
Omnisci free