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Data Driven Decisions

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Making Optimal Data-Driven Decisions – Eliminating the Barriers at Your Company

Download this Research Insight from Dresner Advisory Services to understand how often data plays a role in companies’ decision-making process and the benefits of data-driven decisions.  

Here's just a few highlights:

  1. Organizations that rely more on data and facts when making decisions are more successful.
  2. The state of the data is the biggest barrier in trying to make data-driven decisions.
  3. Organizations that can view data as “truth” are more than 80 percent likely to be successful with BI.
  4. Data issues are a top reason why BI succeeds or fails.
  5. Data deluges—like the ones common to this decade’s big data and digital transformation periods—create data-quality issues that can cause business users to lose trust in the data.
  6. Many organizations still struggle with data governance.
  7. The types of organizations most often using data in decision-making today correlates strongly with the impact of digital transformation causing business disruption.

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