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As a big data analyst, your ability to find insights in big data is directly related to the speed at which you can interact with the data. Too many analysts are burdened by the slow speed and lack of granularity offered by their mainstream big data analytics tools. Are your tools keeping pace with your big data analysis techniques, or do you spend too much time watching spinning wheels? Are you having to wait too long to have dashboards updated? Imagine being able to interact with huge volumes of data, effortlessly and instantly. With OmniSci you can be one with your data and discover why our analytics platform is one fo the most advanced big data technologies on earth.

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Key Big Data Analyst Challenge 1

Immediate Results to Big Data Queries


Tick tock, tick tock. Is that report ready yet? Stop waiting and start analyzing.


Speed and scale are no longer mutually exclusive. Be big and be fast.


How OmniSci flies: query compilation, memory management, and vectorization

Being judged on daily analytic output isn’t always fair. You could be the best big data analyst in the world, but slow queries on really big tables make you feel like you’re trudging waist-deep through the data. The rest of the organization has no way of knowing that it’s the big data software's fault, not yours.  Today's efficient analysts need tools for real-time big data analytics.

OmniSci was created in the big data era. Unlike legacy tools running on CPU-based architectures, OmniSci queries leverage massively parallel processing of GPUs - the computing technology that is transforming supercomputing, data centers and data management. OmniSci can query billions of rows in milliseconds, so you experience zero latency exploration of your big datasets.

OmniSci was engineered for extreme speed at large scale. We took a different approach to query compilation, with a just-in-time compilation framework. OmniSci keeps hot data in GPU memory for the fastest access possible, and the platform vectorizes code. This allows a processor to compute multiple data items simultaneously.

Key Big Data Analyst Challenge 2

Interactive Visualizations with



Slow queries demanded predictable visualization


Fast queries give you flexible visualization


Dashboards for immersive interaction


With slow analytics platforms, you get one big data query every few minutes (if you’re lucky). All that wasted time means the cost of curiosity skyrockets, and the result is a natural suppression of what you do best: asking questions. When you downsize your queries for predictable dashboards and familiar questions, decision-makers will still ask probing questions. You have to say, “I’ll get back to you.”

OmniSci harnesses GPU speed for backend queries and front end visualizations. When queries finish and big data visualizations render in milliseconds, you can freely cross-filter, add new charts, and move around on the map to analyze data. There’s no time tax on your exploration, and when a stakeholder asks for clarification, you can say, “Let’s take minute and answer that together.”

OmniSci visualization dashboards are granular (showing billions of records), varied (with fourteen types of visualization), and contextual (interaction with one element updates all others). On one dashboard, you can interact with many data sources and geo-charts can include many data layers. Because Immerse is so intuitive, big data analysts and business users can collaborate to find answers. No training necessary.

Key Big Data Analyst Challenge 3

Communicating Shared Insights


The two parts of analytic agility: insight discovery and insight sharing


Sharing big data visualizations breaks down communication barriers


Object-level permissions promote big data innovation through collaboration

Over days and weeks, you develop an intuitive feel for the data. You can see potential applications, but you have a trust challenge with colleagues and decision makers, since they don’t look at data for hours every day. That communication gap can block the adoption of your recommendations and the systematic application of strong analytics.

OmniSci big data visualization is intuitive, so anyone can be a big data analyst. You can explore big data via a web browser, even in your spare time. Intuitive dashboards and instant cross-filtering make it easy for you to show others what you've discovered, and to answer their follow-up questions immediately.

Not everyone has the authority to see classified or sensitive data. OmniSci gives administrators the ability to control access to databases, tables and dashboards. Big data analysts can then visually collaborate on their findings and share those with the broader company or government agency, without risking information security.

Major Telco

A major Telco provider uses OmniSci to process billions of rows of telecommunication data in real time


With the help of OmniSci, Simulmedia improves the predictability and performance of linear television advertising


Digital Advertising Analytics with OmniSci

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