Geospatial Analysis

Analyze geospatial data instantly with OmniSci

OmniSci is at the forefront of location intelligence for big data, combining unprecedented volumes of geospatial and BI data into one interactive experience.

OmniSci instantly ingests massive amounts of geographic and geometric data types for backend polygon rendering, micro cross-filtering and stunning real-time geospatial visualizations that define a new era for geospatial analytics.

Map Billions of Data Points. Billions, with a B.

OmniSci is a radical geospatial analysis breakthrough, enabling geospatial analysts to visualize up to billions of data points on maps, with zero latency interactivity. Chart and map many layers of data from multiple sources.

See Geospatial Data in Context

OmniSci geo charts cross-filter by any non-geo factors that make mapped data meaningful. See important information in its location, and when you move to a new location see how the data changes for instant real-time analytics.

Explore Data Across Time and Space

OmniSci gives you the unparalleled power to filter big geolocation datasets across time. By brushing across a time-series graph, watch how a location changed over days, months or years. It only takes you a second.

"This is a watershed moment for geospatial analysis. OmniSci is probably the most important advance in the last 15 years for a geospatial analyst who needs to tear into very large data tables and get answers in real time."
- Rich Sutton, VP of Geospatial, Skyhook

Learn how OmniSci enables geospatial analysis at extreme speed and scale with this free whitepaper.

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