Balance the Electrical Grid

Get Smarter Smart Meter Data

With all the data flowing in from smart meters—400mb/year times 135m—utility companies are faced with Big Data challenges that their current legacy systems struggle to tackle. When they integrate the OmniSci platform with their existing analytics toolset, suddenly it’s like wiping away the mud from a dirty windshield and things that weren’t visible before are now seen in fine detail.

Real-time Realization at Scale

The promise of the smart meter was not only to help the utility companies manage their grid and forecasting but also to give consumers a clear view of their usage and how they could save energy and reduce expenses. To some degree this is working and with the use of real-time utility analytics from OmniSci, the ability to take it even further can be easily realized by querying billions of rows of data in milliseconds.

Usage Insight Enlightenment

Now with the fastest open source SQL-engine powered by parallel processing GPUs, OmniSci helps utility companies execute queries on their biggest data from smart meters and sensors enabling rendering, visualizations and explorations of billions of data points on an interactive dashboard that’s intuitive, informative and easily shareable. It allows them to react to anomalies quicker and provides them with true results on all of their data.

Extreme Analytics Explained

Omnisci is the pioneer of a new class of analytics called Extreme Analytics - designed for use cases beyond the technical limits of mainstream analytics tools.

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