Vehicle Telematics Analysis for Insurance Providers

UBI with Telematics Analytics

With all of the telematics data generated by connected cars, insurers have an abundance of information that they can use to create usage-based insurance policies. With OmniSci, they can process all of the data, instantly and get query results in milliseconds. Through telematics data, insurers can track driver behavior, environment, including time and space (spatiotemporal) and driving variables such as mileage, duration of driving and braking or speeding events.

A New Era in Insurance

Never before has there been the availability of so much driver behavior data combined with driving conditions, time-of-day, location and weather. OmniSci easily processes all of this data with a GPU-powered open source SQL-engine with no need to pre-process. With queries of up to billions of rows in milliseconds, insurers can see visualizations on an interactive dashboard at the speed-of-thought

Know Your Drivers

Now insurers can easily tell the difference between good and bad drivers and provide policies that are customized for each individual driver. OmniSci helps insurers see the big picture as well as granular analysis down to the individual in charts, graphs and maps. The dashboard is intuitive and easily shareable so key decision makers can quickly do what they do and analysts can keep doing what they do, too.

Extreme Analytics Explained

Omnisci is the pioneer of a new class of analytics called Extreme Analytics - designed for use cases beyond the technical limits of mainstream analytics tootls.

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