Telematics for Logistics Leaders

Tracking with Telematics

Logistics leaders have never had as much access to spatiotemporal data than they do today. This wealth of information allows them to make recommendations on cost savings, driver safety and improvements to on-time delivery by making it possible to optimize routes, balance supply chains and maintain equipment—all through the analysis of telematics data. OmniSci queries all of your Big Data at the speed and scale you need, instantly.

Monitor in Real-time

Whether you’re tracking a supply chain at sea, in the air or on the road, the OmniSci platform’s dashboard monitors millions of points in real-time allowing you to go granular all the way down to a single point-in-time so you can find precise ways to streamline operations and optimize delivery outcomes. With OmniSci, there’s no feature engineering of your data, so results are true and at the speed and scale you need.

Unified Analytic Visualizations

With the OmniSci intuitive and interactive dashboard, queries of telematics data are visualized in easy to understand and share maps, charts, graphs and tables. All decision-makers now have access to real-time information, instantly, regarding planning, purchasing, inventory management, warehousing, distribution and customer service. With OmniSci, access to all of your telematics data is a reality, leading to sound business decisions and smarter logistical solutions.

Extreme Analytics Explained

Omnisci is the pioneer of a new class of analytics called Extreme Analytics - designed for use cases beyond the technical limits of mainstream analytics tools.

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