Locating Opportunities for Urban Housing Development

Real-time Geospatial Results

Pactriglo, an LA-based real estate intelligence platform, was developed as a way to break through all the clutter and confusion created through years and years of new construction, rebuilding and zoning changes as a quick solution for developers looking to find available property to develop. With the OmniSci platform, Pactriglo can provide their customers with intuitive and interactive dashboards of maps, charts and graphs that are easy to use and share.

Millions of Queries Answered in Milliseconds

Their first task was to identify zoning by pulling data from 4 different public sources comprised of well over 45 million records. They were able to do this at scale and speed with GPU-accelerated analytics from the world’s fastest open source SQL-engine. By generating the queries automatically in OmniSci Immerse, not only was it a huge time-saver, it also resulted in a flurry of one-click insights.

Optimal Interactive Visualization

With the OmniSci platform, Pactriglo’s customers can cross-filter their data any way they need—zoning, subzoning, utilization or construction activity—without downsampling, pre-aggregating or writing SQL queries. With Pactriglo’s platform, powered by OmniSci Immerse, they get lightning fast interactive visualizations which allow them to quickly and easily make business decisions that are critical to their enterprise.

Extreme Analytics Explained

OmniSci is the pioneer of a new class of analytics called Extreme Analytics - designed for use cases beyond the technical limits of mainstream analytics tools.

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