Vehicle Telematics Analysis for Utility Fleet Management

Watch Your Assets

Thanks to vehicle telematics devices, connected cars and trucks in a fleet generate tens of millions of data points every day. OmniSci takes that utility fleet data, without preprocessing, and delivers results to queries, instantly. Without any lag time, utilities fleet managers know everything regarding their fleet utilization metrics and they know their insights are accurate and true by maximizing the benefits of fleet telematics.

Know Your Utility Fleet Is Ready—Now

Be Prepared, a motto that holds true, especially in utility fleet management. Making sure your fleet—your entire fleet—is ready at a moment’s notice for any situation, is extremely critical. OmniSci allows utility fleet managers to analyze their vehicle telematics systems data at the speed-of-thought, providing them with instant insights into fleet health and performance. You never know ahead of time when disaster will strike, don’t let it catch you unprepared.

The Right Fleet Telematics Solutions

Every vehicle in your fleet is stocked with all the tools needed to get the job done the fastest and most efficient way possible without taking any risks. The same applies to utilities fleet managers and that’s why they make sure that they’ve got the OmniSci platform as part of their utility company data analytics toolset. The biggest data volumes output by telematics devices are queried in milliseconds and visible on an intuitive and interactive dashboard that’s easy to share.

GPU-accelerated Analytics Explained

OmniSci is the pioneer in GPU-accelerated analytics, redefining speed and scale in big data querying and visualization.

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Use Vehicle Telematics Analytics to monitor fleet health and performance.

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