Well Logging and Formation Evaluation

Well Log Data Interpretation at Scale

In the field of petroleum exploration and development, technological advances have improved the ability of well log analysts to determine borehole viability. Geological core logging methods from samples brought to the surface have given way to geophysical well logging from instruments and sensors lowered into the ground. These sensors stream petrophysical data in real-time to answer questions around well porosity, permeability, and profitable production. Yet traditional petrophysical analysis software struggles to analyze and visualize this data in its entirety, resulting in downsampling and missed petrophysics indicators that could improve operational decision making. Nor can these formation evaluation tools visualize the spatiotemporal context of this data to identify patterns and correlations over time.

Make Real-time Decisions During Drilling Operations

With OmniSci, well log analysts have an intuitive dashboard capable of processing and analyzing the entirety of well logging and formation evaluation data sets. Analysts can easily ingest multiple, disparate feeds of electrical, lithology, porosity, and even economic data to derive new insights and correlations around the commercial viability of petroleum boreholes. Through GPU-accelerated analytics, OmniSci gives well log analysts advanced visualization capabilities that allows them to interpret and make decisions that maximize petroleum formation evaluation and planning.

Drilling, Logging, and Petrophysical Analysis

OmniSci’s open source, GPU-accelerated formation evaluation tools unlock a wealth of new drilling opportunities and petrophysical use cases. From groundwater drilling, to environmental compliance, to worker safety and general research endeavors, OmniSci provides the acceleration of petroleum exploration techniques and formation evaluation techniques necessary for visual interactivity of massive sensor and other IoT data sets, all at the speed of curiosity. Find out what else OmniSci does for the Oil & Gas Industry.

GPU-accelerated Analytics Explained

OmniSci is the pioneer in GPU-accelerated analytics, redefining speed and scale in big data querying and visualization.

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