Performant, Cost-Effective 5G Planning at Scale

Tuesday, July 28,

8am PST Americas | 5pm CET Europe | 11am SGT APAC

Dr. Mike Flaxman

Spatial Data Science Practice Lead, OmniSci

The 5G telco networks of the future are a significant capital investment, requiring 10x as many towers. Knowing where to efficiently and cost-effectively place these femto, pico, and micro cell towers is critical to telco carriers. Too few towers means poor cell reception and costly customer churn. Too many towers cuts into your bottom line.

In this webinar we will explore:

  • Combining RF mapping and demographic data sets at scale to provide lifetime value and service metrics
  • Using QoS and NPV metrics to optimize cost effectiveness and performance of tower placement and investment
  • Real-time analytics and visualizations of signal propagation through combining multiple disparate data sets such as; Terrain, Antenna, building materials, Building height, Free space loss, LIDAR and more