Fleet Telematics Analysis for Telecom Fleet Management

Answering the Call

With telematics devices in all the connected vehicles in your telcom fleet generating tens of millions of telecom fleet data points every day, you have access to an abundance of information. Complementing your CPU-based analytics systems with OmniSci assures you of unlimited query capabilities on all of your fleet telematics data, no matter how big, available instantly. Know everywhere the assets in your fleet are located in real-time, even at granular levels, giving you true insights into the how, when and where’s.

The Right Truck in the Right Place

Not every vehicle in your telecom fleet is the same and with vehicle telematics, you can distinguish each one down to the finest detail. With the OmniSci platform, telcom fleet managers can analyze all of their fleet telematics data without preprocessing, so there’s no gaps in their findings. So, whether they’re deploying a single cherry picker or a dozen, they can track them all with spatiotemporal analysis on the OmniSci dashboard, visualized as maps, charts and graphs.

Avoiding Phoney Fleet Telematics Insights

Telco fleet managers that rely on legacy analytics systems spend countless hours pre-aggregating and downsampling their fleet telematics data in order to reduce the time needed to get queries answered. With the OmniSci platform , there’s no preprocessing necessary, which means query results are lag-free and insights discovered at the speed-of-thought. And because there’s no need for feature engineering, all of your fleet telematics data, when analyzed results in true insights, making OmniSci a powerful fleet telematics solution.

GPU-accelerated Analytics Explained

OmniSci is the pioneer in GPU-accelerated analytics, redefining speed and scale in big data querying and visualization.

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Use Vehicle Telematics Analytics to monitor fleet health and performance.

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